Tang/Song Dynasty Essay

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Tang and Song Dynasty The Han Dynasty declines in the A.D 200’s and china separates. In 600’s a young general names Tang Taizong came to power and created the Tang Dynasty, which lasted from 618-907. The Dynasty built a vast empire very quickly. Tang rulers forced Vietnam, Korea, and Tibet to be their tribute countries. They stayed independent, but in order to do that they had to pay tribute or extra tax money. Rebellions, drought, and economic challenges lead to the Tang downfall. But in 960 a general named Zhao Kuangjin reunited China under The Song Dynasty, which was conquered by the Mongols in 1279. Confucianism beliefs controlled society. Tang rulers believed in a civil service system. Anyone who wanted to be in office to enforce these laws would have to go through a rigorous test and pass it with flying colors. They also had a strict social order under the Tang and Song dynasties. There were three main classes: Gentry, Peasantry and Merchants. Under Tang rule, land reform was redistributed to the peasants. Large landowners had less power while peasants could contribute by paying taxes. Foreign trade expanded under both dynasties and canals were built to encourage transportation. Chinese merchants traded with India, Persia and the Middle East. The arts were very important during the Tang and Song Dynasties. Chinese wrote short stories and poetry. They also created landscape paintings and calligraphy flourished. They also created the pagoda and they became experts at making porcelain. Around the end of the Song rule, a young Japanese prince sent over a spy to see how the Song government and economy worked. This is one of the reasons why the Chinese and Japanese are so
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