Tanglewood Case Study 4

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Memorandum To: Ms. Marilyn Gonzalez and Mr. Daryl Perrone From: Tera Sparks Date: April 10, 2015 Sub.: Tanglewood Proposed Selection Plan. Analysis of Traditional Method The relationship between the traditional predictors and the performance measures for the traditional method depicts that education is more related to the promotional potential in comparison of the other measures. The education factor also improves the performance of organizations employees. The working experience, which is another predictor of the traditional selection method, is also highly related to the performance and promotion potential outcome, due the fact that these employees have seen how a place of employment should function. All the outcomes are statistically significant from the predictors. The result is significant as a person with work experience provides higher contribution in the organization, especially if they also have education to match their experience. The interview score also related to the potential promotion of the employees but the probability is related to the performance of the employee as interview score is directly related to the skills of the employees. Analysis of Proposed Method The data from the store for a proposed method depicts that education is directly correlated to the performance and promotion potential for employees. It is also related to the performance and promotion potential of said employee. The data also exhibits that work experience is related to the citizenship, performance and promotion potential, however, it is more directly correlated to the promotion potential. The interview score is correlated to the citizenship and promotion potential but statistical significance is more for absence and performance. The retail knowledge causes an increase in performance and promotion potential of individuals as it boosts their ability to serve

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