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Tanglewood Case 4: Measurement and Validation Here is an analysis of potential new methods of selection for hiring the position of Assistant Store. In a study of 10 stores based in Seattle resulted in a satisfactory sample size of 832 candidates. All stores, including those using the traditional method of selection, collected on work experience, education, and interview notes correlation with the four indicators of success: citizenship, the potential absence, performance and promotion. 1. Assessment. It is important that any toolbox recruitment adopted provides reliably predict the future performance of employees. Based on the descriptions and test data, the proposed procurement instruments have varying degrees of practical significance and different statistics, as described below: • Retail Knowledge Exam measures simple data of market principles and factors responsible for Tanglewood’s competitive gain. The exam was established in-house and is low-cost. There is a statistically important moderate association between success of this test and promotion potential. • • Bio data exams are issues of important life experiences that might be associated with job performance. This was developed using a wide network response in similar work environments. This determines the similarity between skills and performance. It is relatively expensive, either with a $ 10 fee per applicant or significant fixed costs of implementing the computerized version, but a statistically significant correlation with moderate to good results and potential for promotion. • Applicant Exam captures troubleshooting skills, fluency in numerical and comprehension processes work. His availability for the administration of an assessment in person and online means that can be administered to a larger group of candidates. Presumably it has the same costs as the examination of personal

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