Tanglewood Case 3

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| Tanglewood Case 3 | Recruiting | For Professor Michelle Geiman | Kathy Stapp-Baugh | 11/21/2012 | | Recruitment Guide for Store Associates Position: Store Associate Reports to: Shift Leader Qualifications: Flexibility in work hours Willingness to learn Relevant labor market: Western Washington and Eastern Washington (Regions 1 and 2) Northern Oregon and Southern Oregon (Regions 3 and 4) Northern California (Region 5) Timeline: Continuous/Ongoing Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Regional newspaper advertising Company website Employee referral State job services Local colleges Staff members involved: Staffing Services Director Selection Manager Recruiting Manager Store Manager Assistant Store Manager Budget: $2,000 – $5,000 Open Recruiting vs Targeting Recruiting The largest employee turnover at Tanglewood occurs at the Store Associate level. Store Associates are the faces of Tanglewood. They not only are the immediate contact for customers but they are representative of the communities in which Tanglewood stores are located. A positive working environment is just as affective a marketing tool as a positive customer experience in the community. As we seek to fill these positions we will be using both the open recruitment method, by posting a general ad in all the regional newspapers, and posting our job openings with the state job service. We will also launch a targeted recruitment campaign by utilizing some of our traditional recruitment practices, such as employee referral, which targets already identified applicants who may meet personal qualities that are preferential at Tangleswood. Job and job postings on the website targets applicants who are interested in our store, product and philosophy and by soliciting local colleges for job placement, as college students are

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