Tanglewood Case 1

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Tanglewood Case 1: Staffing Strategy HRM402-H1WW Tanglewood Case 1 Tanglewood has made great success from start in Spokane, Washington in 1975. With each store having around 215 employees it’s time to see how to attract and develop talent that match the organizations vision and culture. A company should always try to seeks-out their internal talent first. By doing this it will raise employee morale, decrease the turnover rate, and employees will want to be held more accountable for their job. With job advancement, employees will have a goal to work towards knowing they can move up within the organization. With Tanglewood’s culture is best to develop talent rather than acquire new talent to fill the leadership roles. In order to stay consistent and get the best results, this new process should become Tanglewood’s Lead System to use now and in the future. In order to make sure the new HR strategy will work, only core employees will be recruited from a national organization. By using a national organization they can try to seek out candidates that fit Tanglewood’s organization and be able to ask probing questions to see if the candidate will be a good fit, because this is what sets you apart from your competitors. The organization should overstaff a few employees that can float to each department. Overstaffing can relieve stress to employees so they can take off work and not worry that assignments are being completed. The company will have enough coverage in every department if there is a few employees off due to; vacation, sick time, short or long term disability, FMLA, or any other issues that might come up. It is a good decision for any company to be proactive for any unforeseen issues that might arise. Since employees are going to be developed and retained, the recruiters should be looking for specific KSAO’s with an acceptable workforce quality.

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