Tanglewood Case 1

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Hire or develop new talent. From the case it appears that Tanglewood has some inconsistency in management styles between the new stores and the original stores. I would advise them to develop new talent and hire within the company. The company has such a strong philosophy, and in order to continue with that core philosophy, I believe they should develop the talent they have with individuals who are already familiar with company expectations. Based on the reading, Tanglewood expanded by purchasing already established stores instead of building new ones, which left them with employees that were familiar with retail but had a vast contrast to their existing management core beliefs. Hire yourself or Outsource: according to the case, Tanglewood is not a relatively small business, and they already have an established HR department. Tanglewood should definitely utilize a hiring agency, and outsource. Instead of putting the man-hours towards hiring themselves, they can take that same time and develop a better training plan for new and existing employees. External or Internal Hiring: Tanglewood should hire internally for management positions and externally for entry level positions. A successful organization should be grooming their future leaders from the start anyway, so that when the time comes, there is an ample amount to choose from. Core or Flexible Workforce: Tanglewood should keep a core workforce. I would strongly advise against them hiring temporary employees. Although helpful, temporary employees will not maintain the cohesive employee and company culture as would permanent employees. Hire or Retain: Tanglewood does NOT want a high turnover ratio, so their best interest is in retaining their employees. If Tanglewood is going to put an investment in their employees with internal hiring and developing their talent, then they need to follow that with

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