Tanglewood Case 1

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Solomon Ponnikannan Bus 154 8/28/13 TANGLEWOOD STORES AND STAFFING STRATEGY Tanglewood now wants to expand but the concern is to continue ensuring that human capital is used in the best way along with the philosophy of the company. The company needs a central planning body in staffing and recruiting. There are nine staffing levels such as, Acquire or Develop Talent, Hire Yourself or Outsource, External or Internal Hiring, Core or Flexible Workforce, Hire or Retain, National or Global, Attract or Relocate, Overstaff or Understaff. I feel certain ones are important for tanglewood and there management should follow those methods. For upper level management positions, Tanglewood should hire internally because of the people culture and value from each region; this is due to the similarity between the employee and their society. For entry-level positions they should obviously hire externally. In my opinion, Tanglewood should focus on Core Workforce during the selection of employees. This business is based on a “team” philosophy that will be easily accomplished through core workforce. It will be difficult to maintain a cohesive employee and company culture with flexible employees throughout the year as opposed to full and part time employees working year around. In my opinion, Tanglewood should focus on retaining their employees and develop their talent and skills instead hiring new ones. If they plan to follow an internal hiring strategy and maintain a core workforce as per our suggestion, then they must focus on retaining these employees. It would be difficult to maintain a consistent company culture if they have high turnover rate of employees. Person/Job or Person/Organization Match, Specific or General KSAOs, Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality, Active or Passive Diversity is the staffing qualities. I recommend that tanglewood use specific or

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