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Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy 1 Individual Assignment #1 Prepared by: Richard Marx Prepared for: Leanne Rhymes | | | Conestoga College – winter 2013 HRM8060-13W-Sec1 Recruitment and Selection Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Current Operating Environment 3 Human Resources at Tanglewood 5 Problem Statement 6 Strategic Staffing Decisions 7 Recommendations 12 Appendices 13 Bibliography 14 Introduction Background Information The Tanglewood Department Store chain offers customers a wide selection of brands and service in a variety of departments including clothing, appliances, electronics, and home decor. The company occupies the moderate price segment within the general retail store industry. Tanglewood’s target market is middle and higher-income consumers. Tanglewood has adopted an “outdoors” theme to differentiate itself from its competitors. Every store prominently features a large camping and outdoor living section. When we think of a Tanglewood store and their product lines, we think of their signature “simple, elegant, and uncluttered design concepts” (Kammeyer-Mueller 2009, 4). Founded by best friends Tanner Emerson and Thurston Wood in 1975 and operated as a single store, the store was eventually renamed as Tanglewood in 1984. A focus on unique and quality merchandise and excellent customer service, along with encouraging employees to participate in decision-making was a successful formula for continual growth and profitability. With the acquisition of several smaller department store chains, Tanglewood’s business continued to grow into the 1990s and new millennium. And as a result of

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