Tangible and Intellectual Issues in Auto Industry

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Running head: AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY TANGIBLE AND INTELLECTUAL ISSUES Automobile Industry Tangible and Intellectual Issues Team B M. Justine Ambrocio Lyn Easley Joshua Hill Clay Mallory University of Phoenix Automobile Industry Tangible and Intellectual Issues The automobile industry sector can have various issues with regard to tangible and intellectual property. This discussion will explore what tangible and intellectual properties are significant to the automobile industry along with the managers in the industry and what precautions are exercised to protect the automobile industries property rights. Included will be suggestions the automobile industry must do to ensure the industry protects others’ intellectual property rights. The research in this discussion will bring an understanding to the automobile industry for tangible and intellectual property rights with respect to others’ property interest rights. Significant Properties to the Automobile Industry As is common to most industries, the properties significant to the automobile industry consist of two types: tangible and intangible. Tangible property consists of items seen or touched. Tangible property ranges from real estate to personal property such as the chairs customers sit on while waiting for repair service. For example, real estate will come in the form of buildings and land to house assembly plants, repair facilities, inventory warehouses, administrative and corporate offices and a host of miscellaneous buildings and fixtures required to support the manufacture, sales and repair processes that support the sale and support of passenger and commercial vehicles. Other forms of tangible property include raw materials such as steel, plastics and rubber, manufactured parts maintained in inventories, automated robotic equipment, tools, computerized test and diagnostic equipment,

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