Tangerine By Edward Bloor: Summary

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Have you ever wondered what happened when you were little? Maybe something life changing happened (good or bad) or was your childhood perfect. In this novel by Edward Bloor, Paul Fisher has had seeing issues ever sense the age of five. Although Paul doesn’t remember much of what happened, he is starting to have flash backs reviling much of what was happening. Paul’s family was moved from Texas to Tangerine, Florida when he then goes to Lake Windsor Downs Middle. Because of an IEP Paul is removed from the soccer team, then a sink whole swallows up the portables where the 7th grade students were being taught. All seventh graders had a chose go to Tangerine Middle or stay at Lake Windsor in the compact school, then at the football awards night he jumped on a teacher caring away Tino, and then Paul chose to tell on Castor and Erik for spraying spray paint in his eyes.…show more content…
Then the portables getting swallowed up by a sink whole, leaving all of 7th grade with a choice stay at Lake Windsor or go to Tangerine. Before Paul went to Tangerine, at Lake Windsor there was an IEP filled out making Paul ineligible to play soccer there. The night at the meeting on page 94 Paul asked his parents to go to Tangerine with no IEP so he could try to play soccer. On September 18, Monday it was Paul’s first day at Tangerine middle, Paul was shown around by Theresa Cruz who happen to have an older brother on the soccer team. Theresa was happy to tell Paul all about the soccer team like it had girls and boys. Paul was surprised when he heard this, and even more so he was surprised that Maya was one of the top scorers on the
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