Tangelwood Strategy Essay

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Tanglewood Strategy Holly Weller HR/594 January14, 2012 Sheri Bias Introduction Tanglewood has some opportunities for their staffing strategy. Tanglewood’s cooperate staffing has not been strong, and their local leadership is becoming inefficient. They are seeking help for a plan to help them use all of their human assets to help centralize their staffing operation efficiencies. There are some opportunities with Tanglewood’s strategy and this case study will help give them suggestions to use to build a better staffing strategy. Tanglewood’s goals are to have the right staffing for their company without disturbing their business culture. The suggestions that will be listed will help Tanglewood with their staffing strategy without having to change their culture. Their management and employee set up now are very efficient. However, there could be some changes in the order of the strategic staffing decisions. This case study will help them understand staffing decisions and what is best recommended for their company. Strategic Staffing Decisions There are 13 strategic staffing decisions that Donald Penchiala Director of Staffing Services is interested in hearing about. Out of the 13 staffing decisions nine are pertaining to staffing levels and four are pertaining to staffing quality. This case study will show how each of these decisions pertains to Tanglewood. The 13 staffing decisions are acquire and develop talent, hire yourself or outsource, external or internal hiring, core or flexible workforce, hire or retain, national or global, attract or relocate, overstaff or under staff, short or long term focus, person/job or person/organization match, specific or general KSAO’s, exceptional or acceptable workforce quality, and active or passive diversities. Acquire or Develop Talent Acquiring and developing talent is a very useful staffing
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