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Leanette Estrada Ms. Sharpe AP World History Chapter 10 DBQ 12/12/12 Chapter 10 DBQ Two major dynasties, the Song and the Tang were very great in power and wealth. In their own way women portrayed a powerful influence over many things. The status of women was portrayed by many factors, such as in the Tang dynasty women showed their influence through sports, laws, and art. In the Song dynasty, women portrayed their status through industrial and commercial activity, idolizing through literature, and agriculture. The Song women showed their status through industrial and commercial activity, literature, and agriculture. This is seen in Doc 4, the painting portraying a procession down a street, with wealthy women in closed sedan-chairs. This meant that wealthy women were given the privilege to participate in industrial and commercial activity. Similarly, Doc 3 displays women playing an important part of the trading system by making the necessary goods. This displays a higher power for women because they demonstrate power in agriculture and agriculture was a needed economic sustain for any civilization. An additional document would be records of women’s impact on the trade. This would be helpful because it would show how women controlled many businesses involving agriculture. The Song dynasty also displayed status through sudden recognition in literature. In an excerpt from a poem by Li Qingzhao (doc 6), she makes fun of herself for being a popular female writer. This source is reliable because she was one of the few recognized female poets. A point of view would be of the father and husband of the famous female poet because it would be helpful to know how the father and husband thought about her having recognition by a male figure. Women in the Tang dynasty showed their status through sports, laws, and art. Women demonstrated status through

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