Tandem Cell Essay

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A PAPER ON TANDEM CELL PRESENTED BY : 1) Pravin Mali (BE Chemical) (E mail: eng.pravinmali@gmail.com) ABSTRACT Hydrogen can be produced by several processes like direct electrolysis and reforming of fossil fuels. Its production from fossil fuels by reforming process leads to carbon emissions, which poses problems to environment. So its production by electrolysis is environment friendly since it doesn’t involve the carbon emissions. But electrolysis of water requires high decomposition voltage potential since it is a slow electrode process .This high decomposition voltage is achieved by using TANDEM CELL. TANDEM CELL is nothing but two photovoltaic cells connected in series. First cell acts as a newly designed ELECTROLYTIC CELL and second one as a DYE SOLAR CELL (GREATZEL CELL). In this cell solar energy is converted into electrical energy and electrical energy is converted into electro chemical energy. Since high voltage potential is directly proportional to the current density (current per unit area of electrode) so when we increase the current density and instantly producing potential difference between the electrodes in the electrolytic cell without using any external source ( BATTERY ) but by using solar energy, required voltage potential can be achieved. The above mentioned principles are involved in TANDEM CELL. This high current density can be provided by boosting the electrons. This boosting is achieved when the electrons are passed through TiO2 film. By providing transparent membrane we can separate hydrogen and oxygen. By this way electrolysis of water is carried out for the production of highly pure fuel graded hydrogen with less operating and equipment cost. PRINCIPLE: The process of splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen by means of

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