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The taming of the Shrew Compared to 10 things I hate about you Essay

  • Submitted by: abdallahc
  • on November 27, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The taming of the Shrew Compared to 10 things I hate about you" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The two pieces show a great resemblance in the overall plot of the stories, they both have all the main characters present although sometimes with different names and origins, but the characters’ personalities remain unchanged. The same plot is also preserved with slight differences at the end. We can also relate them to the fact that they both have a sense of chaos in them, the whole idea of overruling society and ignoring the general law persists throughout the whole story. Now to the specific parts of both the stories, some references to the old text are there, although unnecessary, to show that the newer one is based on the “Shakespearian” novel.

Generally the most significant difference between the two is the presentation of the whole story. Whilst the Shakespearian story is set in the old ages with different social backgrounds, the new and “modernized” version is better relating to this age’s audience.   Social codes and rules are replaced with peer pressure, and the whole conforming to society idea is inverted to become a message of freedom and being one’s self. There’s also the ending in which “Kat” writes a poem depicting her love that is Corley different than “Katharina’s” speech which claims the submission of women over the men’s rule.   Although we can see that the newer version is less sexist and has a message of equality between men and women, but this difference is skin deep. “10 things I hate about you” has the appearance of a feminist piece but in some ways it is a hypocritical movie because it talks about gender equality and freedom of speech but in reality the characters at the end submit to the social codes and women are portrayed as sexual beings more than men. The difference in “taming of the shrew” is that it does not lie about that, it does not claim to be something it’s not, it’s a more truthful writing in that way.

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