Taming of the Shrew Comparison Essay

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During the course of the BBC’s adaptation of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ we see distinct differences of changes in the relationship between the two protagonists, Katherine and Petruchio. As soon as we are introduced to the characters we can immediately predict that there will be conflict in the personalities. As we meet the characters on screen we instantly get a sense of what they are like and their attitudes and in their first meeting we see the conflict between the two. The mannerisms of both characters, being aggressive, irate and witty gradually change throughout the adaptation as Petruchio attempts to tame Katherine. As the BBC version is an adaption to the modern time era there are several modifications to the characters, their characteristics and key features that represent the modernisation to the 21st century from the original play to the adaptation. Before the characters have met Petruchio is already enthusiastic about the prospect of meeting Katherine as Harry, in the play Grumio has given him a vivid idea of how Katherine is. The characters first meet in a scene situated in a lift. The dialogue of the scene begins with Petruchio’s audacious reply to Katherine’s question: “and you are?” “I am, I’m going to marry you”. The scenery could have been chosen for numerous reasons including the idea of Katherine being trapped and unable to escape. There are many different camera angles used to film the scene. At one point the camera is at a medium shot where we see both characters glancing into each other’s eyes With Petruchio looking down at Katherine. The angle of the shot could have been made like this to show Petruchio’s power, being the taller one and physically stronger than her. Petruchio’s body posture is also open where as she is more closed/slightly turned to the side. In the shot the characters are discussing his insane proposal to marry her and his
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