Taming of the Shrew Essay

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Should a husband’s goal be to tame his wife or gain her love? During the 1500’s the woman was looked upon to obey her husband. A disobedient wife would be considered a shrew. It was said that a shrew should be tamed, such as an animal. Taming of the Shrew tells the story of Katherine, the shrew, and Petruchio, her tamer. Katherine began the play a bold and outspoken woman; Petruchio was sure to quickly change this. Katherine has to realize the husband is the master and she as the woman has to obey. Katherine does not like this at first, but her final speech explains she is grateful for what Petruchio has done. Katherine gives her speech from a grateful, loving point of view. She appreciates the woman she has become. She became the perfect example of a tamed wife. She does not feel forced with Petruchio anymore, she says after the speech, “I was asleep until I met thee; now I wake” (Shrew 5.2.207). This is an ironic way for Katherine to express how she feels about her change because one method Petruchio uses to tame her is withholding her from sleep. Katherine express her softer loving side when she says, “In love, a man and wife one flesh will be, / to share that throne in sweet felicity. / There is no crown of leaves upon the tree/ unless the tree is strongest at the root (Shrew 5.2.192-195). Katherine is describing what it is like to be in love, which means her and Petruchio are genuinely in love. Katherine does not view the work Petruchio has put into her as her being tamed. Instead she sees it as her being changed for the better to meet the expectations of a woman, and most importantly a wife. In the beginning of the play Katherine is not seen as attractive to men because she possessed a nasty personality. Katherine sees that Petruchio changed her into a better woman. She realizes it is not ladylike to be so hostile all the time. She opens her final speech

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