Taming of the Shrew Essay

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English literature essay In William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Petruccio attempts to “tame” Katherine and uses love and affection as a way to “trick” her into thinking women are owned by their husbands and should obey them in every way. Katherine is referred to as the “shrew” and is considered to be an “unattractive” candidate for marriage to men but she must marry before her sister Bianca can marry. She speaks her mind and it seems she would be the last woman to ever be “tamed” by anyone, but as the play unravels, we begin to see Petruccio’s success in taming her. She is “brainwashed” and tricked by Petruccio and as her character unravels, she becomes the tamest and most obedient wife of all. In the beginning, Katherine is viewed as a loud, sharp-tongued woman and she seems to chase away any suitable candidates for marriage. Her attitude is a disguise for her deep, hidden jealousy toward her sister Bianca, and her own insecurities. Katherine feels undesirable and perhaps her sometimes-violent behaviour stems from her fear of never finding a husband. She feels angry at the way she is out of place in that society and is not willing to conform to the role of maiden daughter. In the first act, we don’t hear a lot from Katherine and do not know much about her character other than what other people say about her. It becomes clear that she is frowned upon by men and no one dares to marry her. In act one, Gremio declares that to marry Katherine is worse than to “take her dowry with this condition, to be whipped at the high-cross every morning.” (p.15) The other characters portray her as unmannerly and disobedient, but with a closer look, what she says reveals that she is not as forceful and overbearing as they make her seem. When she speaks for the first time, she asks her father not to wed her to a fool, showing that she is not afraid to

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