Taming of the Shrew

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1. Is Petruchio rich?A. TrueB. False.2. In and near what city does the play take place? A. MantuaB. Pisa B. Pisa C. PaduaD. Turin3. Is the setting in Rome? A. True B. False 4. Who is Katherine the Cursed's father? A. Hortensio B. Baptista B Baptista C.Grumio D. Lucentio | | Taming Of the Shrew Test by Carlena Striano 5. What is Lucentio's hometown? A. Venice B. Sienna C. Pisa C Pisa D. Rome 6. Does Petruchio starve Katherine? A. True B. False 7. Petruchio said "farewell" to what hometown during his first entrance? A. Mantua A Mantua B. Padua C. Verona D.Pisa 8. Bapista won't let anyone marry Bianca because she is too young? A. True B. False 9. What is Sly's first name? A. Biondello A Biondello B. William C. Laertes D. Christopher 10.Is Petruchio the name of the man who wants to marry Katherine the Shrew? A. True B.False 11.Katherine's mother doesn't want her to get married? A. True B. False 12.Why does the Pedant disguise himself? A. He wants to win the hand of a woman. B. He is told all Mantuans in Pisa will be executed. Answer B C.He has decided to have some fun. 13.What instrument does Kate breaks over Hortensio's pate? A. flute B. guitar B a Guitar C. violin D. lute 14."The Taming Of The Shrew", was written by Mark Twain A. True B. False 15.Three of the suitors get married. Who does NOT get married? A. Hortensio B. Gremio ( answer B Gremio C. Petruchio D. Lucentio 16.Petruchio finally tames Katherine? A. True B. False 17.Who does the Pedant disguise himself as? A. Tranio B. Vincentio answer B Vincentio C. Litio D. Baptista 18.The Shrew is Bianca? A. True B. False 19. Who does Hortensio disguise himself as? A. Vincentio B.Ovid C. Litio answer C Litio D. Cambio 20.The theme is

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