Taming Of The Shrew

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The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew is known as one of his comedies written about the courtship of Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona and Katharina, known and considered to be a shrew of her time. Many audiences have speculated as to what Shakespeare may have been feeling when writing the play or whether he was trying to make a point or raise awareness on certain topics or issues dealt with during his time. There is also the controversy of how this play may have been one of the first public displays of a “Battle of the Sexes.” There are many reasons as to why one may feel this way according to the context of this play. The following, are examples of the role that Petruchio and Katharina play, whether there is a battle indeed, and whether one has dominated the other by the end of the play. Though Petruchio is informed early in play that Katharina is a shrew and difficult to tame, he is not threatened nor intimidated by this matter. He speaks highly of her even before they officially meet. “She sings as sweetly as a nightingale, Say that she frowns, I’ll say she looks as clear.” (Act II, Scene I, Line 167-168) Clear, meaning serene. When they meet for the first time, he addresses her by Kate and though she corrects him, he continues to call her Kate throughout the play. Katharina strikes him during their first conversation and he states, “I swear I’ll cuff you if you strike again.” (Act II, Scene I, Line 216) Making it clear to her that not only is it unacceptable but that he holds no tolerance of physical abuse. He also states that they will marry the following Sunday. This shows that his character likes to be in control of all situations he comes across, he sets the atmosphere and tone according to what pleases or benefits him. Arriving late to his own wedding, and ordering his servants around in such a way in front of Katharina to prove a
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