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The priority staffing is to provide consultative staffing solutions, which meet our client's individual needs. We pride ourselves in customizing recruiting, retention and screening programs that deliver qualified employees to our clients. Priority Staffing Solutions, New York, NY, is a temporary staffing agency specializing in multilingual temporary workers. This niche organization provides a service that helps her clients manage their costs and adapt to changing staffing needs. Question: 1. What role does a temporary staffing agency such as Priority Staffing Solutions play in the recruiting efforts of an organization? Answer: Temporary staffing agencies are essential to the recruiting process because they provide a quick and inexpensive way to get employees with a specific skill set that you need for a specific amount of time. Temporary staffing agencies provide an inexpensive external source of qualified employees for organizations that do not want to go through the expensive, and sometimes lengthy, process of recruiting. Organizations often need employees with a specific skill set and because it is difficult, lengthy and expensive to recruit for that specific skill set, they choose external sources, like temporary staffing agencies, to do their recruiting. This particular agency provides staffing support for unique positions that require multilingual employees. Since the requirements for the positions vary based on the current need, the HR department can rely upon Priority Staffing Solutions to “do the work” when needed – and to supply much needed help in niche positions. Question: 2 Does a surplus or a shortage of workers play a role in how organizations recruit? Discuss. Answer: A surplus or shortage of workers plays a huge role in how organizations recruit. When there is a shortage of workers, companies are more aggressive and creative in
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