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The Effects of Ironic Behaviour of Tourists and Local Populations in Tamarade Coast The Tamadare Reef in Brazil has been a popular region to hunt in for rare fish species and other uncommon organisms as well as being a popular tourist region for it’s natural beauty. However, this coastal ecosystem has ideal swimming conditions which causes tourism to benefit the hotel companies financially. Over time the tourist economy in the region has accumulated high accommodation pressure, in the form of “$ 8 hundred-million” (Moyers, J.D.) investments in hotel business sites on the coast. Close to the likely locations of these hotels, the environmental cost will likely be payed by the mangroves due to their unattractiveness by the mainstream tourist. This phenomenon of people flooding the region is likely to occur not only the reef, but in the mangroves as well. The only reason the degradation of the mangrove and coral reef habitats is occuring is a result of this coasts’ high potential for a beautifully, healthy, and bio-diverse community.…show more content…
Te mangrove ecosystem is dissimilar to the coral reefs in that it is more so on land than the submerged reef further into he water. Mangroves have a lower concentration of Oxygen, more opaque water, and more vegetative biomass than coral reefs. These factors make unintelligent tourists cringe at the idea of keeping these bogs. Wetlands act as a filtration systems for the silt that drifts toward the coast which would otherwise “...clog the coral nutrition tracts and destroy the reef”(Moyers, J.D.). This illustrates the vitality of the re-location of the planned sites of the hotel chains even further

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