Tam and Cam

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The Algonquin Cinderella" and "Tam and Cam". Custom "The Algonquin Cinderella" and "Tam and Cam" Essay Writing Service || "The Algonquin Cinderella" and "Tam and Cam" Essay samples, help One of the most famous fairy tales among both adults and children is Cinderella because it has been an ongoing legend since time immemorial. Cinderella is a tale which has been told from one generation to another, and over time, it has developed gradually together with its characters. The story of Cinderella, is in fact, very appealing to the extent that various versions of fairy it have appeared in different cultures from the Vietnamese version of “Tam and Cam” to the Native American version of “The Rough Faced Girl”. The different versions, both the American and the Vietnamese, may indeed be based on very distinct believes but, however, both of them have one thing in common - the fact that good deeds will always overcome any evil. Apart from that, each of these stories still emphasizes on the aspects of magic, spirituality, outcomes and miracles (Ford 200). The aspect of spirituality in the Vietnamese version in the tale Tam and Cam can be seen clearly throughout the whole story. A strong religious influence is depicted in the constant emergence of “Buddha” in which every time Tam is struck by grief, Buddha comes into view. Both stories, therefore, share a common idea that good overcomes evil. The two variations of the fairy tale of Cinderella have similar moral guidance as the original version of the tale, but the stories are different from what people expect. Each of the two stories touches on different issues like, for instance magic, spiritual, outcomes and miracles which are based on the beliefs and culture of its specific or respective society or community. Whatever the version may be, the fairy tale of Cinderella will continue to be a source of entertainment that will
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