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CASE ANALYSIS - Hotel Tall Pines Human Resource Management Submitted to Mr. Sunil Ojha Course Instructor Human Resource Management Submitted By: Binaya Shrestha Jyotsna Bajracharya Nisha Sharma Adhikari Sabin Kumar Thapa Shradha Pokharel Swati Shah MBA- III trimester 5th June, 2013 Ace Institute of Management Case Summary This case is about Tall Pines Hotel which is about to be opened on May 1 under the management of Mr. Gordon McGregor who has been involved in planning of the hotel for about 2 years. The site of this hotel was selected on the basis of careful marketing research. Growth in population, wealth and industry concentrated in suburban counties and lower taxes, new buildings and pool of skilled workers attracted management to build the hotel in Riverton city, suburbs of Roosevelt City. Tall Pines hotel was an eighteen acre tract on a major highway of the west side of Riverton. The building was twin towers jutted through the pines and it was developed with campus-like setting with 350 rooms, 2 swimming pools, 3 restaurants, small shop and small exercise and weight room. Conference room catered the corporate meetings with secretarial services, teleconferencing and personal computers. The hotel was built to fulfill the hotel services lacking in Riverton city and its main objective was to provide comfortable stay with overnight lodging. The establishment of this hotel was supported by the city council and mayor as it was projected to provide 3.8 million payroll and $ 350000 tax revenue to the city and $420000 for state. Gordon had brought in many managerial and supervisory staffs over past six months and all these managers had come from nationwide hotels. The last hurdle in getting the hotel open was filling up 315 positions ranging from bellhops and butchers. For this, the hotel hired Natalie Sharp who was both competent and

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