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LaRae Laurent PSY 3370 Prof. Dolan Talk That Talk Communication is a necessary skill that all species must acquire in order to survive in the world. Without communication, the needs and wants of a species would be unknown and the chances of survival would become slim to none. There are many forms of communication and each species uses their unique communication skills so that they are able to communicate among each other. Communication may be verbal, nonverbal, written, visual, or even a scent, but the importance in communication is that the individual or species is able to get its point across to another. Interestingly enough humans and animals are unable to speak each other's language but often body language and behavior can be monitored and studied so that communication can be achieved. Reproduction of a species is important so that life as we know it can continue. Learning how various species communicate and how their behaviors reflect it should be an important part to psychology. Even though species can be very different genetically, we all seem to communicate using similar techniques. Just because a whale does not have hands to write does not mean that they cannot communicate their feelings or emotions effectively to other whales in the ocean. Humans do not have to speak whale to watch and learn from their behaviors. Alligators can care and protect their young just as mother whales do in the ocean, and human mothers do on land. Even though species do not verbally speak each other's language it does not mean that through other communication methods a bond cannot be made. First, look at how humans communicate. Humans are able to communicate through verbal language, body language, written language, and visual language. From the time that a human baby is conceived, they are experiencing some form of communication. When a baby is in their mother’s womb,

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