Talk Sweet Smile Pretty

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In the film, Be Good, Smile Pretty, a woman named Tracy Droz Tragos goes on a journey in search of answers about her father. Tracy had lost her father, Lt. Donald Glenn Droz, during World War II. Her father was only 25, Tracy was just three months old. Two years previously, before she started this journey, she typed in her father’s name in the Yahoo search engine and the first thing to pop up was an article titled “Death of the 43”, a detailed summary told by a witness during the ambush in Mekong Delta that destroyed a Navy boat and killed six men, Tracy’s father included. This discovery urged her to find out more about her father, so she went ahead and called her mother to find out that she has been keeping memories of her father. Tracy was only three months old when her father died. She had no memory of her past with him. Her mother tucked this tragedy away because of the pain it brought to her, and never thought that Tracy would ever ask her about her father. Together with her mother, Tracy unfolds memories of friends that fought with her father in Vietnam and family members who still carry precious memory of him. Tracy begins to find her identity, more about who she is, by these stories and the letters, photos, and videos. In this response I will be talking about Tracy and her journey of finding out more about her father and her own identity. Tracy followed this journey not only to find out more about her father, but also to find her identity. According to Erikson, identity is a key aspect of adolescent development (Santrock, 2012, p.276). All Tracy’s life she has been without a father figure, aside from her mother’s husband. She knew nothing about her father, due to her mother locking away the memories in her attic. Growing up, Tracy had a missing half of her, a half from her deceased father, which she wished to finally discover so that she would be able to
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