Talibanization Essay

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Proposal of project “ISLAMIC AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES” Submitted to : DR.AZIZ-UR-REHMAN SAIFEE. Title: Islam VS Terrerisom Chapter Outline:  Introduction And History.  Origination of Talibans.  Talibanization and shariya system.  Activities of Talibans.  Talibans in the sight of West. Background: - History: • Islamic shariya system. • Nonmuslim activities. • Ulemas and students of Madrassa’s. - Terrorism and talibanization: - Why is the topic important and for whom? • The people all around the world are considering Talibans as terrorists. • Actuall importance of talibans in contribution to Islam. • Need of Islamic Shariya system. • For the reputation of ISLAM and original talibans. • important for the value of Islam and muslims at international level. - What are the main issues associated with the topic? • Misconcepts of people for talibans. - Talibanization and jihad? Research Question(s): - Why Talibans sawn to be a terrorist? • Because of their contribution in spread of true Islamic shariya system.And that is not acceptable to the west. - Why talibans are treated as terrorists? - Why people are using the face of talibans for terrorism? Methodology: - The ascepts of this rearch is the value of Talibans for Shariya system. - Collecting data of other people about terrorism and Talibanization. - I chose this topic to remove the misunderstandings of people about talibans and Talibanization. Timeline: It take about a week to select a topic and proposal was made just in a single day. And Inshallah the project will take about 2 to 3 weeks to complete due to semester load. References: No reference taken in proposal making although got some ideas from:  Talibanization in swat.  Talibanization and Islam.  Internet using
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