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The Pilgrimage Tale Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the poem, The Canterbury Tale prologue while he was in service of his king. They are in the pilgrimage because some want to pardon their sins others for their personal reasons. They were in a rank status from highest to lowest. The Knight, the Squire and the Yeoman all have in common is their religious position, love for society. The Knight is known for fighting and winning his battles but for him, his truly values are parts of his religious beliefs and gratitude towards his church. He follows “the code of Chivalry” (45). His religion is Christian, / and he has “battled all around the globe and never lost a battle” (63-65). He is a very perfect gentle knight, / “…although he was dirty without armor, he possessed fine horses and he wore a fustian tunic and dark where his armor had left marks…” (75-78), / this makes him a great warrior. The Knight is on the pilgrimage to give thanks for being successful in everything he has done. The Squire is the second on the pilgrimage, because of his studies and social success. The Squire wore a very fancy dress, / he was “…twenty years of age and his hair was long and ginger…” (83-84). He was a “great singer, jouster and was well educated” (97-98). His father who was the Knight taught him how to fight so the Squire fought in Belgium and France. Just like his father, the Squire was a “great horse rider” (96), but he also was a great lover. The Squire is a wonderful man who was more experienced with women than he was in battle which makes the society respect him. The Yeoman is the third on the pilgrimage, because he is a regular citizen but specialized because he tends to the Knight’s needs. He wore a green coat, / his head was “…shaped like a nut and his face was brown…” (111). He used a bow and arrows with feathers just like if he was a hunter, / he wore an arm guard for protection.
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