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Dragon Tales In the beginning before man became the rulers of the lands, dragons were the kings and the queens. They ruled the land and the air with swiftness and justice but that all changed and in an instant the great and might dragon just became a legend and story. Here is the story of one of those dragons. Times for dragons has became a struggle survival. In the last one hundred years the dragons have became a dying breed. They have been spread out through the world not knowing if the were the last one or not but there was a Fraternity of Dragons. This fraternity was a group of the oldest, wisest, and strongest dragons. Their purpose was to protect the dragons code and try to save there dying breed. This group stayed close with each other and helped each other out. The group was made up of five dragons; Arigon, Leonidus, Heather, Susie, and Dominique. These dragons were the last of there kind and swore to do whatever it took to save their race. Arigon and leonidus were the leaders of this group and dictated what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. The dragons knew they could mate but Heather and Susie were to old to bare a child. So the dragons were stuck and couldn’t find a way out. They discussed and argued everything they could possibly do to save them but everything they did ended in failure and they started to get discouraged. They all met one last time to see if they could finally fine the solution to their problem. Arigon , ” Welcome everyone, shall we begin? We have discussed and argued almost every single possible solution that we could think of to save our dying breed but we have ended in failure. So does anybody have any knew ideas?” Leonidus , “ I believe we should go back and review our last failures and see if we can possibly find a way to fix them or combine them.” Heather, “ What? And waste more time while our breed

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