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Talent shows – dream or nightmare? Over the past few years TV talent shows have burst onto our TV screens in the hope to find the next ''big thing''. There is no doubt that these talent shows have provided us with some successful and well-known artist. There are many examples out there. Here in Denmark, we don't have that many artists, who have succeed and stayed on the top after such a TV show, it's like their fame fades away after the x-factor finals. But in Great Britain or the USA, there are quite many that have achieved a lot of success, for example Susan Boyle. She came out of nothing, the audience were laughing at her character, but when she began singing a new door was opened for her, and the audience got overwhelmed by her beautiful voice. This shows us that the voices are more important than the look. I like stories like that a lot. A situation like this has got a big influence on me, especially on how people treat each other. People are getting more famous in the USA, because X factor is more popular there than in Europe. However talent shows like x-factor is not really enough to convince me to watch it. I'll admit I've watched a lot of different Danish shows, like X-factor'', ''Talent'' etc, but I don't watch talent shows as much now as I used to do when I was a bit younger. I don't like the fact, that we sit in our living room, with a lot of candy, feeling all cozy and comfortable, and laughing at all the failures that people on live TV go through, because I feel sorry for them even though they sometime can be funny and entertaining. But why do we watch these TV shows? Why is it that more people watch the final of “Britain's got talent” than the Queens speech? One of the main reasons has to be ''Schadenfreude’’, which is a german word I discovered on the internet. The word is used to describe people's delight and entertainment at the failings and

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