Talent Is Overated Essay

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Deliberate Talent Deliberate practice is a highly demanding, repeated form of practice that requires immense mental fortitude. It is not supposed to be fun and must be designed specifically for a particular individual with the goal of consistently improving performance past their previously perceived limits. As Colvin writes, it comes down to “a question about what people decide to do with their lives and what kind of passion drives them.” Due to the nature of deliberate practice that requires shear amount of hard work and implies a lack of fun, I believe that the participant must be passionate about the field or subject matter in which they want to excel or become a great performer. As evidenced in my past experience, Natural talent is not as fruitful as deliberate talent that is supported by practice. In making comparison between the two classes I am taking, which are Mathematics and Biology classes, I observed that I am getting better results in Mathematics class because of the difference in level of motivation and the amount of time spent on doing assignments and studying. My level of motivation toward Mathematics class is higher than my level of motivation toward Biology class. I assumed my deliberate practice in Math class is more important to me because it would help me to improve my calculation skill. My perception is that the concepts I learned in Math can be applied directly in my daily activities such as management of my finances. Consequently, my motivation to do well has become strong. On the other hand, I thought that the Biology class I am taking currently would be similar to the Biology and Life Science classes I took in high school, which I did not enjoy very much. As a result, I am not motivated to work hard because I expected that the class would be boring. I have spent a lot of time studying and working on assignments

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