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Growing up I have always felt that I have the talent to do anything I put my mind to, but like a lot of the people that posses the talent to achieve something great in life, I lacked the thrive to be successful. I would lose interest in whatever I would be doing, but as I got older I found out that I needed to use my talents to help myself financially and use my talents to help others that were struggling with their image, so I got into barbering. What I used for motivation was the money that I was receiving from my friends and clients. I started practicing on myself and also watching videos online to help me with the techniques of hair cutting. I needed to start somewhere to perfect my craft because practice makes perfect, perfect makes paper , I used that to motive me. You got to use your talents and improve your craft in order to get somewhere in life. When I went to high school I remember I use to get my hair cuts from an old Mexican lady that my mom knew, I hated how my hair cuts use to look because I felt they looked like army hair cuts. I thought my cuts were so terrible that I hated getting cut, sometimes I would wait for months to cut my hair because I liked having my hair long instead of how the old Mexican lady left my hair. My senior year of high school I had a history teacher named Mr. Shapiro that was a cool guy even though I fell asleep a couple of times in his class but what was so cool to me about Mr. Shapiro was how he use to have his hair. It was as long as mine but the difference between his and mine was that he got tapers on the sides and the back for those who might now know what a taper is its when the sides and back shorter then the rest of hair but it gets blended in so smooth that it just looks like a super nice cut. I wanted to have my hair just like him that I approached him one day and asked him what shop he went to. He

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