A Tale of Two Cities: Chapter 18

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A Tale of Two Cities: Chapter 18 – Nine Days Summary: In this chapter, Lucie Manette and Charles Darnay are to be married. Dr Manette and Charles have a private conversation in the Doctor’s office, while Miss Pross and Mr. Lorry have their own conversation about Lucie. Mr. Lorry realizes that he has spent all of his life caring about nothing except his job at Tellson’s Bank, causing him to be without spouse. Prior to the wedding, Mr. Lorry ensures Lucie that her father will be in good hands and given the best care. Dr. Manette leaves the office looking “deadly pale”. The wedding takes place, and Lucie and Charles leave for their honeymoon. A day after the wedding, Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross find Dr. Manette in his room making shoes. The sight leaves them in shock, and they insist on keeping their discovery a secret. The shoemaking proceeds for nine days as the title promises, and as each day goes by, Dr. Manette’s shoemaking skills advance. Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross spend these days, taking shifts to watch over Dr. Manette as he remained in his poor condition, hoping that he would return to his normal condition before he is to join Lucie and Charles on their honeymoon in Wales. Literary devices: Irony: Irony is present in the sense that Dr. Manette depends on Lucie for care, comfort, and protection, while it should be the total opposite. The parent is supposed to look after the child. Pathos: In this chapter, we sympathize for Dr. Manette who has returned to his poor condition while his daughter is away on her honeymoon. We also sympathize for Mr. Lorry who is alone with no spouse. Flashback: “For a moment, he held the fair face from him to look at the well remembered expression on the forehead.” This is a flashback (recurring motif) because Mr. Lorry visualizes the expression that Lucie had on her forehead the first time he met her at Tellson’s bank.

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