Tale Of Two Swamps Essay

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“Tale of Two Swamps” Prompt Two writers were given the task to write a passage about the Okefenokee Swamp, even though both authors were referring to the same natural area, their styles and strategies forced the texts to differ in purpose. Passage one establishes a more objective and solid information about the swamp, it mentions facts about flora and fauna and the author makes it sound as a place where tourist will have a pleasant experience about the region’s ecosystem, this passage most of the times would be found in an encyclopedia or some other informative resource which researchers will find useful. Contrasting passage one, the author of passage two transfers an unpleasant purpose throughout the entire text. He begins the paragraph employing a prolepsis using words such as unfathomable and unconquerable which only serve to give a disgusted introduction. Then he quickly employs a metonymy giving the swamp names such as father of mosquito and soul of silt, which it illustrates that the swamp is plagued with blood eating bugs. The author further states that the swamp is replete with stinging, biting, and boring insects which helps the text make the swamp exceedingly unattractive. The writer uses and anacoluthon to affirm the different species that habit the swamp and how they are equipped with fangs, teeth, claws, that makes the creatures seem incredibly dangerous. The author later gives his opinion that the swamp is the misery of life, and that is full of animal cannibalism and dangers that make the swamp seem as a hellish zoo. Even though both passages refer to the nature of the Okefenokee Swamp, it is undoubtable that both writers had a different purpose. Passage one’s purpose was to inform and to be objective, while passage two focuses on how horrendous and repugnant the swamp is. Both texts are informative in the author’s point of

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