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A Tale of Two Cities: Book the Second Essay In the book A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens made many characters mirror each other. Even though Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay were different in many ways, they also showed a lot of likenesses. Aside from their looks, Darnay and Carton also showed likenesses in their personalities. Not only are both Carton and Darnay in love with Lucie, they are also both ashamed and unselfish people. One way Carton and Darnay are alike is that they're both in love with Lucie. Even though in the end Darnay ends up with Lucie Manette, Carton never stops loving her more than he did in the beginning. Darnay admits to Dr. Manette his love for Lucie and asks only that Dr. Manette not bring up their talk unless Lucie asks. Carton also tells Dr. Manette that he will not make Lucie leave her fathers side, but will instead move in with the Manette family himself. Before Carton leaves, he wants to tell Dr. Manette what his real name is but Manette stops and tells him that he can wait til the day of their wedding. Carton takes a different approach when letting his love for Lucie be known. Late one night, Carton goes to the Manette's house and speaks to Lucie herself with surprising confindence. He then tells Lucie that she is all he has to live for. “It is too late for that. I shall never be better than I am. I shall sink lower, and be worse.”( 151). Lucie says she doesn't feel that way about Carton, but if there is anything else she can do, she would be more than glad to help. “To none. No, Miss Manette, to none. If you will hear me through a very little more, all you can ever do for me is done. I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul.” (152). Carton then goes on to tell Lucie that he will now live to do anything for Lucie, or for anyone that she loves. “I would embrace any sacrifice for you and those dear to you.” (154).

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