Tale Of Two Cities

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“Tale of Two Cities” Timed Writing The introductory sentence in the “Tale of Two Cities” is not only a well known quote or line but if read in detail it has great significant meaning when comparing time periods to one another. The sentence relates to the contemporary problems of the world today in almost every way you think about it. The use of the sentences ironic comparisons relates to our modern world today on social, economic, and even educational levels. The introductory sentence to the “Tale of Two Cities” links it first two clauses to our modern social problems today. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” opens the sentence and can easily describe the social status of any and every time period. In this time period and in past time periods there has been those people who have flourished and lived a content and happy life that which they enjoy and can truly be “the best of times” for them. But there are also those who don’t like their social status or where they are in life and it can be the “worst of times” for them in the same time period as those who flourish. Today, and many years before there has always been an upper class and a lower class. In saying so, the introductory sentence applies to everyone and every time period. Also, when read into detail, the economic depiction of the world today can be analyzed through the introductory sentence to “Tale of Two Cities.” It seems as if in ever time period there will be those who are wealthy and those who are barely able to support themselves and a family. It all comes back to the first two clauses “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” But then it again, what it really comes down to is the interpretation of the word “best.” To some who are even rich they might be unhappy with their life, where as there are those who are poor might be happy with their lives. The sentence
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