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A Tale of New Babbage By DreddPirateBob, aged: Not sure on this bit I’ll fill it in later but theres a bunch happened and yet everyone tells me I’m pretty young and an urchin and all that so I must have filled my life up with all kinds of brilliant stuff I just can’t remember any of it but that’s not my fault really like when everyone says I smell but dear god it’s not like they can tell in this town what with the sewers and the canals and the general stink of perfume coming of those so called ladies and the fops that follow them about like stupid dogs on heat all tounges hanging out have you seen them? HAVE YOU? Honestly it’s embarrassing it really is. Where was I? AH! YES! A TALE OF NEW BABBAGE! ONCE UPON A TIME! That’s how all the best stories start I know that coz I met a story teller once who was pretty good I mean he did go off on tangents about kissing and boring rubbish stuff like that but there was a decent amount of swords and dragons and stuff to mean he was worth listening to. ONCE UPON A TIME there was um a um HERO! That’s a good start so this hero, lets call him… Bob so this Bob chap who was a hero and had a sword and stuff probably was up on a hill or something OH BUGGER he was in the streets of New Babbage and didn’t have a sword he had a sword CANE and he was wandering down the street when a big monster lets say a clockwork AirKraken not that I am building one or anything and it’s not in the warehouse under the port so don’t bother looking ANYWAY this Bob chap came up to this clockwork airkraken thing and saw it attacking the townhall OH NO NOT the town hall don’t want to give the game away it was attacking a stupid shoe shop or something coz most folk in Babbage seem to think shoes are the most bloody important thing in the world so yeah it was attacking a shoe shop and he went OI! YOU! FIEND! Good word fiend. Heros say fiend A LOT so he says

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