Taking Charge at the Smith Foundation Essay

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Taking Charge at the Smith Foundation Dr. Rhonda Clark was informed that she landed a position for an executive research firm called the Smith Foundation. Bennett Mitchell was the chairperson for the company who offered Clark the position as chief executive office and CEO of the foundation. The Smith Foundation is a non-profit organization which funds awareness campaigns and research programs about eye care. Clark was known as an organizational outsider to the company because she had no work experience prior to this position. Clark was informed that the board hired her with the responsibility to transform the foundation that was already extremely disjointed. Despite the negative news Clark received, she kept a positive outlook. Charlie Smith was the founder of the Foundation over 40 years ago. When the company first started, he received a multimillion-dollar endowment. Even though the company started with a generous amount of money, his endowment to the company has been dwindling due to funding academic awards to community organizations and smaller less funded foundations. As of now, the foundations budget is less than 1,500,000. In the last few years board members of the company have restrained much of their fiduciary responsibilities. For example board meetings have been cancelled over to past few months due to lack of organization amongst the board members. There are 13 board members on this foundations team, and all seem to lacking responsibility and organization. The success of this company is drifting in the wrong direction because of the lack in organization. Clark believes that she can be the motivation to turn around this company for the better. Clark holds management experience as well as a PhD in political science and policy analysis from a major U.S West Coast university. Clark was a graduate school professor, and a director of planning a large

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