Taking a Plane to the United States Essay

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Taking a Plane to the United States I had a dream when I was a little girl: the dream of studying in the United States. However, I needed to fulfill my parents’ requests in order to do so. The requirements were that I had to go to the airport by myself, and learn how to take an airplane. Additionally, I needed to be independent: for example, to take good care of myself, to manage my expenses, and to be responsible. I was 16 years old when I heard their offer. I felt my brain was spinning, and I could not think of anything at that moment. Next day, when I woke up, I already had made up my mind like a mountain cannot be moved. I decided to accept this tough challenge. I had to take a plane to the U.S. by myself. Then, I started packing my stuff and getting ready to make my dream comes true; like a warrior prepared their weapons ready to fight. I will never forget the moment when I took the bus from my home to the airport. My father did not say anything to me; however, his red and watery eyes told me he was cut to the heart to let me go. In contrast, my mother was more practical and reminding me important things before I left. She like a parrot “bry…bry…” kept repeating for me to bring my passport, medicines, money, and so on, over and over again as if I would miss something. I was pretty quiet just like a docile cat; I kept nodding my head and had mixed feelings. Part of me felt sweet as eating candies since my dream was going to come true gradually. However, I also felt bitter as drinking a cup of coffee because I was about to leave my hometown where I had lived for the past 16 years and temporarily be apart from with my family and friends for 4 years. Finally, I left my comfort zone and started a new life with unfamiliar people. After I arrived at the airport, I shoved back the feeling of leaving home. I took a deep breath and then gathered my courage to face

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