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Taken 2 Movie Review comparison Jasmine Website one: http://www.movies.com/movie-reviews/taken-2-review/dave-white/m68373 By Dave White Website two: http://www.shockya.com/news/2012/10/05/taken-2-movie-review-2/ By Karen Benardello There are many different opinions about this suspenseful thriller, “Taken 2”. The reviews I will be comparing are similar in opinion as the criticisms are similar. A critic on movies.com, opposing the movie, says that it is basically a repeat of events as is in the first Taken. While a critic from shocya.com calls the main character skilled at perfecting the action sequences. However, both critics suggest that although it is an entertaining movie, it was definitely a repeat of events; the critic from movies.com, called particular scenes “recycled” as well as having a predictable ending. The author of the shockya.com review firstly summarizes the plot of the movie then uses adjectives and expressive vocabulary to help the reader picture these similarities from the first to the second Taken movie. The movies.com author starts off by using examples from other movies, compares taken 2 to them then attacks the general idea of the movie, whereas, the shockya.com vaguely expresses her opinion and simply states facts. The critic review I chose from movies.com is very casually written, almost persuading readers to side with his opinion using conversational technique. Also, using shorter sentences making the publication easier to read; therefor, allowing the reader to familiarize themselves with the opinion and style of the text. While the other review is formal and states a vague opinion to keep the review as formal as possible, this allows the reader to concoct their own opinions about the

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