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Take a Dip or Climb? Essay

  • Submitted by: fatmarezeiq
  • on December 17, 2012
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Take a Dip or Climb?

                          Billions of people look forward to their vacation. They start planning for the vacation for months. There are many places to choose, but the most common place to be chosen are the beach and the mountain. Both places offer many varieties of fun activities and adventures. Would you prefer warm weather with the sand between your toes, or snow falling and your snowboard boots tied tight? but we all know no matter where we go we will have fun with our loved ones.

                          To begin with mountains, people who do not like cold places won't enjoy their time up in the mountains. The climate and the temperature of these zones are what determine the types of activities they offer. Snow boarding, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing are some of the activities people can enjoy when going to the mountains. In mountains it is not necessarily freezing, but incredibly close. You might encounter some snow in mountainous terrain, especially the higher you travel on a mountain, but never at a beach location. Canada is full of mountain vacation sites. It is also cloudy and overcast. Inside Canada there are many interesting places where people can go and have fun, like Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia.

                          On the other hand, Beaches are the total opposite of mountains. The warm weather, the rumble of the ocean, the smell of the salt water, warm; sometimes hot sand between your toes, and a perfect tan. In the beach areas the temperature is warm and sometimes extremely hot. The sea and the warm climate determine the activities that are available at the beach. People can swim, play volleyball, play soccer, and do water activities. To add on that, there are always restaurants in front of the beach to enjoy the beautiful scene while having a nice meal. Plus you’ll only need to pack shorts and tank tops which will help you not pay the extra baggage fees for having your...

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