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The first Taj Hotel, the flagship of the Group was born in 1903 and stood alone for almost half a century. Initially it was smooth sailing, even though the original hotel was conceived and built when the hotel business was not even considered an industry. Right from the beginning, the Taj stood for class and comfort. It was a place where the viceroys of the Empire arrived and departed amidst scenes of splendour. Scenes which were typical of the Raj. In fact, it soon became one of the wonders of the Orient. Singapore’s Raffles or Hong Kong’s Peninsula did not come up to the level of the Taj inspite of their rich ancestry. Notably, there was hardly any advertising directly to the consumer. In fact, this element of the marketing mix was not visible until the late nineties! Advertising was not considered necessary. Secondly the company was conservative and media shy for many years. The reason the hotel towered above the rest was because of the amazing attention to detail that was paid by it’s founder Jamshetji Tata. As far back as 1900, he made sure that the Taj would have it’s own laundry, an aerated water bottling plant, electroplating for it’s silverware, a Mora sliver burnishing machine, a crockery washing plant and elevators. The hotel was built completely at a cost of 500,000 pounds in 1903. Their vision Says Managing Director, R.K. Krishnakumar, ‘The vision for the Taj Group is for it to be a select chain, present globally. Asian, perhaps in character, but absolutely international in terms of systems and processes and with a strong West European focus. The way forward was to make sure that the entire Taj team is imbued with the missionary zeal to sell the brand.’ Their customers International travelers from the bulk of the market for the Taj, particularly in the metros. Even the profile of the Indian customer was changing. But overall, the Taj has

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