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Tainos Kalinagos And The Mayans Essay

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  • on November 6, 2011
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The term technology can be defined as the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. The Tainos and kalinagos had little and no technology skills. Their technology include: the constructing of their houses, the build of tools and weapons, canoes, straw basket, hammocks, pottery and agriculture. Unlike the Mayans who were the more advance ones among the three indigenous group namely: the Tinos, kalinagos and the Mayans whose technology include the building of houses, cenotes, roads, suspended bridges, temples, pyramids mathematics, astronomy, calendars, hieroglyphics and agriculture.
The Tinos had no knowledge about metal therefore they used cotton, wood, bones, shell, and clays to make the items they used on a daily basis. The Tinos settled along the sea for several reasons these reasons include: the needed water for domestic purposes for example: cooking washing and bathing, they used the sea for fishing, they enjoyed sailing from one island to another in their dugout canoes, they lived along the coast for defense purposes as they were able to see approaching enemies and would take action immediately, canoe training was done using sea this enabled the leader of the canoes properly.
The Tinos had two types of houses these were the caneye which was the Tinos common people’s house that had a circular shaped and was made from wooden poses that was placed firmly into the ground to formed a circle about five spaces apart laced together with springy branches and grass transverse beams. (As Shown in appendix one)The bohio which is the next type house which was the chief’s house that was made from wattle and thatched roof and had dirt floor it had a rectangular shaped inside this house you would fine the zemis, hammocks, bed, and the duho. (as shown in appendix two). Stones were shaped and smoothed with great patience to make tools and weapons. There...

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