Taiga Research Paper

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BASIC FACTS and CHARACTERISTICS: The taiga represents 29 percent of the world’s forest cover. It contains many animals includes 85 species of mammals, 130 species of fish, 32,000 species of insects, 300 species of birds and 300 species of fish! Another amazing fact about the taiga is that the coldest temperature in the Northern hemisphere has been recorded there, which is -65 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the taiga is covered by evergreens. The taiga, is prone to small wildfires because the trees have adapted to the climate and have thick bark which is protective against damaging wildfires. The taiga has fewer plants and animals then most other biomes. Taiga means “dense evergreen forest” in Russian. The taiga is the largest biome on land. WILDLIFE IN THE TAIGA: The taiga holds many endangered species including the grizzly bear, the Siberian crane, the wood bison, the Siberian tiger and the beaver. Plants besides the evergreens include the Balsalmic fir, the Black spruce, the Douglas fir, the Eastern red cedar, the Jack pine and many more. Because of the extreme cold and low precipitation (12-33 inches per year),in the taiga, the plants have a hard time surviving. The taiga has soil similar to the tundra’s. Many animals use the trees here for shelter including the bald eagle, our national bird. It is found over many of the…show more content…
Many areas of the taiga have been harvested for wood. Only eight percent of the taiga biome regions are protected from development in Russia and Canada. Removing large numbers of trees requires loud, large equipment that pollutes the area and endangers wildlife by removing homes and vegetation from animals. Another problem that has emerged in recent years have been insect plagues including the Spruce bark beetle and the Aspen leaf miner. Animals are also being endangered by hunting, pollution and logging and some less important
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