Taho Flavor Feasibility Study

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A Project Feasibility Study of Manufacturing a “TAHOLICIOUS” A Feasibility Study Presented to the Faculty Committee of the College of Business and Accountancy In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy By: VILLAPANDO, JOANNA MARIE S. FEDELIN, DIANA P. MINGUEZ, JAN NIKKO S. OCTOBER 2014 CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS INTRODUCTION In the present day, Taho is one of the Philippines most popular snack food every morning. It is made of fresh soft tofu together with sago pearl plus sweet brown molasses syrup. The uniqueness of taho is different and enticing wherein the chewy tapioca is combined with various flavors such as chocolate, mango, strawberry and pandan. Each flavor has its own distinct taste that will surely please people’s different penchant. The drink is served either hot or cold in distinctive dome-shaped cups with oversized colored straws that allow the sago to shoot up the mouth when the drink is sipped. The business will start as an incubation income generating project and will later be developed into a full- blown manufacturing concern. This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and can be found all over the country. The Indonesian and Malaysian equivalent of this dish is Tahu. It originates from the Chinese douhua from the Spanish Colonization whereas the Chinese are common traders with the native Malays that influenced Philippine cuisine. Additionally, soy milk is being popularized as the best substitute to cow’s milk especially for lactose intolerant. The researchers have thought of making a soy milk making machine. This could shorten time and work force needed in making soy milk. The project would open up many opportunities for young entrepreneurs in entering the soy milk industry. The proponents believe that this study will serve as an innovation among the
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