Tae Mo Panot Essay

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-Hermionism believes that: 1. The great way to live in a peaceful life is to live in truth, respect, and justice. 2. When a person died, he or she could see all the things that happened in his/her life. Then will be judge whether will become a spirit in nature, an angel, a pity sea creature, or will be punished in eternal agony and suffering; depending on someone’s good and bad deeds. 3. The only and true God is Heallah. Believing in other Gods is considered a sin. 4. Nature should be treated with respect for everything has a soul. 5. Coveting, adultery, lying, and stealing without confessing and accepting the punishment will be punished after life by Posearthenia, an angel who punish people by eternal suffering and agony. -Hermionism originated in a small village in Northwest Highlands of Scotland beside near Mt. Sgurr na Lapaich. It was founded by Helena White around 3rd Century A.D... It was all started when Helena was walking on Mt. Sgurr na Lapaich when Heallah appeared on the top of the mountain. Helena described him that his body and face was covered in light and also a spirit for she saw his feet floating above the ground. Heallah gave the 5 commandments and the sacred book of his teachings to her. -Worships took place in Hermion church where believers read, dance, sing and feast with nature. -Plumeria is the symbol of love and romances. Dove is a sign of peace, family, and harmony. Fish and wheat is the symbol of food. Lion is the symbol of war and glory. Vulture is the symbol of hatred and death. -Hermionism is all about believing to heallah, living in a peaceful life, respecting the nature and accepting the consequences of every action. It began around 3rd century and adapted by villagers where Helena lives. Then the followers increased around 4th century and became half of northern Scotland’s religion. Hermionism faded when two Irish

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