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Application for Employment (Confidential) Teachers and Support Staff Please complete in black or dark blue ink. Typewritten applications are also acceptable Post details Job title: Advert reference number: unless otherwise specified by the school School or unit: Closing date: Your application should be uploaded to: Personal details Surname: Previous Surname(s): Ms Mrs Miss Mr Other (please state): Addre ss to which corre spondence should be sent if not home address (including postcode): Forename(s): Home Addre ss (including postcode): Daytime telephone number: Email address: Do you hold a current driving licence? Yes National Insurance Number: No Evening telephone number: Religious Denomination/Faith * For vacancies in school s with a religious characte r only. The Governing Body may take religious denomination o r faith into account for this post in accordance with the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief Discrimination) Regulations 2003 How did you learn of this vacancy? * Policy Statement We are committed to the rights of the child, the child’s safety and emotional well being, and the protection of the child from all forms of abuse. Teachers and Support Staff Application Form (October 2010) Language skills Do you speak or w rite any languages other than English? Language: Language: Speak Write Employment history Current or most recent employment: Post title: Dates from / to: Salary or w age: Allow ances, or additional salary points: If part time please show weekly hours: Length of notice or date able to comm ence: Em ployer’s name, address and telephone num ber: (including Local Authority, Diocese, school na me, type and group nu mbe r, if applicable) Brief description of duties: Reason for w ishing to leave (please indicate if you do not intend to res ign from your

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