TPCP Organizational Structure

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Organization values and structure ORGANIZATION VALUES AND STRUCTURE This paper will cover the organization and structure of Turning Point Community program. TPCP located in Sacramento County, including five other counties in northern California. TPCP services the population that suffers from mental illness and homeliness, such as [families, men, women, and children with more than 10 programs though in northern California to meet the need of this vulnerable population. It will cover a brief background history of the organization, organizational culture of the agency ,the administrative staff and their function, how the structure and power relationships influences the decision-making within the organization, the physical, behavioral, and verbal manifestation that affect the culture of the organization and how the organization collect, manage, and use information to implement their program. Background History Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP) is a community-based organization nonprofit company rapidly evolved throughout the years. Sheila Boltz founded of TPCP in 1976 created a nonprofit residential program called “Midtown Manor” serving 43 people with psychiatric disabilities with 2.5 staff in Sacramento County (, 2012). TPCP lead the way in hiring persons in recovery from mental…show more content…
TPCP brief background and history of the organization, the administrative staff, and it function in the organization, how structure and, power relationships influence decision-making within this organization, the effect of governmental departments such as the county and state the future of the program. The effect of the culture of the organization, such the company logo, and what it represents and how does the organization collect, manage, and use information and channels this communicated though out the

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