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T Is Thought That Within A Work Place There Has To Essay

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  • on January 10, 2011
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1- It is thought that within a work place there has to different levels within the company.   Most of the time when some who is fresh out of college they would end up with an entry level job and have to work them selves up.   Then you would have a person who has experience in the field that he or she are applying for and that person might get a management job, when you a big company and you see that a lot of people are becoming CEO’s in the company then a people would be able to come up with a conclusion that the company knows how to keep their employees happy that they stayed in the company for x amount of years and had the ability to make it far within the company.
  2- First of all it is thought that there is no such thing as a non-leader, it is thought that everyone who puts their mind together are able to become a leader.   There are companies that are out their that look for high educated well motivated leader type people and that is for the reason that he or she would never want their employees to fail but to raise in the company.   So it is thought that if a person does not feel like they can be a leader and just wants a job for a job he or she should not go for interviews at these big company places that are looking for a certain type of person.
  3- If I had the opportunity to make that type of decision I would have to really consider the company who has the high rate of producing CEOS.   The reason is because if the company has such high priority for their workers that they want them to feel that if I try I would actually have a chance to make it to the top in this company.   It shows that they set standard for their workers and expect all of them to succeed.
  4- It shows that there are a lot of expectations for all of their employees and that they are meant to succeed within the company.   This is why companies have evaluations every 6-12 months to see if the employee is becoming a better leader and is improving or are they just not doing the work and...

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