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Running head: COMMUNITY HEALTH ASSESSMENT: TWIN FALLS, IDAHO 1 Community Health Assessment of Twin Falls, Idaho SZT1: Assignment #1 William Fullmer Western Governor’s University COMMUNITY HEALTH ASSESSMENT: TWIN FALLS, IDAHO Community Logistics and Introduction Twin Falls County is a rural agrarian based community nestled within the Snake River basin of South Central Idaho. It is located 120 miles east of Idaho’s capital city Boise and is bordered to the south (45 minute drive) by a Nevada border town affectionately (and officially) called Jack Pot. Twin Falls is located on the I84 corridor giving great access to both commerce 2 and travelers alike. The winding Snake River borders the northern boundaries of Twin Falls and provides…show more content…
This rapid population explosion, has led to problems with access to resources, especially medical. Twin Falls County, has an almost even split of female (50.7%) to male (49.3%) constituents (United States Census Bureau, 2013). The median age of Twin Falls County residents is 31.9 years old (, 2009). Twin Falls County’s child/adolescent population is 27.4% and those over the age of 65 account for 13.9%. From an economic perspective Twin Falls is a great place to live. Twin Falls cost of living index is 91 (Areavibes, 2010). Unemployment rate is below the national average at 7.7%. Recent job growth was 3.75% and is projected to be 39.8% in the future (Sterlings, 2013). New U.S. Census Bureau (2010) estimates, however, put median household income in Idaho at $43,341. That is down 0.3 percent from 2010. Since the 2008 recession median household COMMUNITY HEALTH ASSESSMENT: TWIN FALLS, IDAHO income has dropped 8.9 percent. The poverty level in Idaho is very high at 14.3%. Twin Falls County, as reported by Magic Valley Times (2011), has 69 identified homeless people. Cultural Demographics This assessment identified that 96.3% of the total population in this community is comprised of only two races. Caucasians account for 82.2% while Hispanics make up 14.1%…show more content…
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