Systems That Promote Communication Essay

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02/01/2015 Unit 501 Use and develop systems that promote communication ( SHC51) By Debra Purnell Learning Outcome 1 Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role 1.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. The generally agreed definition of communication is to share important information – as well as general conversation- with another being. Communication is a two way process and involves actively listening as well as speaking. There are numerous ways of communication and not all of them are verbal- body language is an important aspect of all types of communication and being aware of this whilst attempting to instigate communication is vitally important. When dealing with other managers or other superiors and other professional people, I tend to use a variety of methods, which range from verbal to email/fax/text using a level of vocabulary which will be understood by the recipient. When dealing with care staff or domestic staff, the language used needs to be more clear and concise- clear instruction, leaving nothing to be ‘worked out’ and no ambiguity which can lead to mistakes being made. When speaking with customers, their specific needs should be sought out so that I can communicate with them in a way and on a level they understand, this could be sign language, written words and pictures or gestures to help possibly in a different language English may not be their first language. When speaking with the family, yet another different type of approach is needed. Simple explanations, factual information and again clear and concise, not using technical terms and instructions, which you would use for other professionals. The end result being that whatever you have communicated out is readily and easily understood by the individual/s you are communicating with.
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